Bars recommendations Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main is a city known for its exciting nightlife and first-class bars. Whether you are looking for an elegant ambience, creative cocktails or a breathtaking view – the bars in Frankfurt have something for everyone. From stylish hotel bars to lively trendy bars, here you will find the best places to enjoy an unforgettable evening. Discover our hand-picked recommendations and be inspired by the highlights of Frankfurt’s bar scene.

Mandala Bar

The Mandala Bar impresses with its stylish design and relaxed atmosphere. Here you can enjoy excellent cocktails and round off the evening in cosy surroundings. Perfect for a relaxed date.

Roomers Hotel Bar

The bar at Roomers Hotel is a hotspot for stylish evenings with excellent drinks and an elegant atmosphere. The modern design and exclusive location make it the perfect place for special occasions.

Jimmy's Bar

Jimmy’s Bar offers a classic bar atmosphere with a touch of elegance. Here you can choose from a large selection of first-class drinks and enjoy the evening in elegant surroundings. Ideal for a stylish date.

Gatsby Bar

The Gatsby Bar takes you back to the glamorous world of the 1920s. With stylish cocktails and elegant furnishings, it offers the perfect setting for a special evening. Ideal for lovers of the Art Deco style.

Vai Vai Bar

The Vai Vai Bar is known for its creative cocktail menu and lively atmosphere. Here you can enjoy excellent drinks in relaxed surroundings and round off the evening. Perfect for a casual date.

Sullivan Bar

The Sullivan Bar offers an exclusive selection of cocktails and spirits in a stylish ambience. Here you can round off the evening in cosy surroundings and indulge in the first-class bar culture.

22nd Lounge Skyline Bar

The 22nd Lounge Skyline Bar offers a breathtaking view over Frankfurt and an excellent selection of drinks. The stylish ambience and impressive view make it the perfect place for a special date.

The Parlour

The Parlour is an elegant bar with an impressive selection of cocktails and a cosy atmosphere. Here you can enjoy the evening in stylish surroundings and savour first-class drinks.

Copper Bar

The Copper Bar impresses with its elegant design and relaxed atmosphere. Here you can choose from a variety of creative cocktails and enjoy the evening in stylish surroundings.

BPM Bar Railway station district

The BPM Bar in the railway station district is known for its lively atmosphere and excellent drinks. Here you can enjoy the evening in informal surroundings and savour various cocktails.

Nhow Hotel Bar Skyline Bar

The bar at the Nhow Hotel offers an impressive view of the Frankfurt skyline and an exclusive selection of drinks. The modern design and prime location make it the perfect place for a stylish date.

The bar scene in Frankfurt offers an impressive variety that leaves nothing to be desired. Whether elegant hotel bars, trendy scene bars or cosy lounges – every guest will find the perfect location for a stylish evening here. Use our recommendations to discover the best bars in Frankfurt and experience unforgettable moments. Enjoy the unique combination of first-class drinks, great ambience and outstanding service that each of these bars has to offer. Be inspired by the diversity and charm of Frankfurt’s bar scene.

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