Striptease - the erotic dance

In a striptease, the focus is on the erotic undressing to the music. As a man, you take on the role of the observer and exchange hot looks with the stripping lady. A striptease is a sensual start to a tingling evening or an erotic highlight in tight lingerie. For even more crackling, combine the striptease with a role-playing game that runs through the evening or add some foot eroticism. A hot outfit with high heels and fishnet stockings is just as natural for a striptease as the right music.

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Pleasure for all senses - striptease

Pleasure for all senses – striptease The art of the stripper consists in delaying the erotic tension as long as possible so that you are really hot for the finale. Your favorite lady enjoys defoliating in front of your eyes and celebrates the sensual moment. She may even allow you to help her undress and make initial physical contact in a lap dance. Look forward to meaningful looks and first touches. You will hardly be able to wait for the end of the evening.

More than just an erotic foreplay

Let the striptease become part of your adventure from the first meeting. Perhaps your lady will take off her underpants at a moment when you are not being observed and cheekily put them in your trouser pocket. Or she whispers in your ear that she’s not wearing anything underneath. Your curiosity and anticipation will increase immeasurably. As soon as you are alone, you will find out what the lady booked through Escort Prive is really wearing underneath.

Enjoy the feeling of being the only spectator and let your lady spoil you. Anticipation is known to be the greatest joy. With a striptease, you can study the merits of your lady in advance before you devote yourself entirely to your passion. Treat yourself to this special service and look forward to the full attention of your chosen one.

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