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Role playing – eroticism from a new perspective

With role-playing games you can live out your creativity and passion equally. Depending on your preference, you leave your usual role and instead go on excitingly unfamiliar terrain. Clear roles, such as the lovemaking between dominatrix and slave, are just as conceivable as a played affair with a teacher or policewoman. For even more authenticity, book your lady for a travel companion and stay in your new role for several hours (or days). Bi-games with another lady can also be tastefully integrated into your evening.

Kate | 22 years
Selin | 26 years
Bianca | 24 years
Nadine | 23 years
Sabrina | 19 years
Lisa | 18 years
Duo Kim & Layla | 19 years
Anina | 30 years
Melissa | 21 years
Julia | 24 years
Lucia | 27 years
Vanessa | 32 years
Marie | 21 years
Melanie | 22 years
Shirin | 21 years
Mia | 25 years
Emma | 21 years
Sarah | 20 years
Layla | 21 years
Katharina | 25 years
Linda | 27 years
Yves | 24 years

This requires imagination and passion – role-playing games

Your chosen lady will completely fit into her new role. The roles of dominatrix and slave are particularly popular. Surrender to the desires of your dominant lady and experience the erotic attraction of bondage games or lashes. The right tone of voice gives your game a special spice and heats the mood even more. You are also welcome to swap roles and set the tone. Which role do you like better?

In the case of an erotic drama or role play, sex with professional groups with whom you otherwise have no sensual contact is also permitted. Many men dream of an erotic adventure with a teacher. Slip into the role of the student again and let a hot teacher give you some tutoring. Doctor games or the affair with a secretary are also attractive for both parties. Upon request, the booked women can dress professionally and leave no doubt about their new purpose. Numerous role plays are characterized by a clear distribution of power. You alone determine what your personal role is.

Forget everyday life

With the lady of your choice, forget about everyday stress for a few hours. Your lady will fill your new role with passion and at the same time give you unforgettable hours for two. Experience eroticism from a new perspective with Escort Prive and give yourself a new identity for some passionate moments.

With lots of fun, discretion and professionalism, your lady will give you a very special adventure. Your lady will be happy to create realistic scenarios and go through a whole erotic adventure with you, from the first meeting to the ecstatic conclusion. Let your creativity take over your mind and body.