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French kisses – more than just a passionate foreplay

Hardly any part of your body is as sensitive as the tongue. No wonder that the tongue plays an important role in lovemaking. She explores contours and hidden areas, stimulates erogenous zones and elicits pleasant moans from your lady. Tongue kisses are not limited to the mouth, but provide erotic crackling all over the body. At the same time, playing with the tongue stimulates all the senses, because you can taste, smell and feel your lady intensely.

The women who cooperate with Prive Escort are passionate kissers. You will notice the difference straight away if your lady takes your breath away with a sympathetic kiss on the tongue. Get involved in the intensive play with the tongue. Nibble, suck, nudge – everything is allowed. You will hardly be surprised that your lady can do other things with her tongue. Start your erotic adventure with a sightseeing tour accompanied by your lady. Discover the most beautiful sights together and get to know each other slowly. Cuddle up to each other over ice on the park bench. You will see that the first tongue kiss happens on its own and becomes more and more intense. Maybe your lady will whisper some dirty talk in your ear and advertise her other qualities that will sweeten the course of the evening.

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Katharina | 26 years
Julia | 25 years
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