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French kisses with sympathy – an expression of affection for sensual art

For many lovers, kisses with tongue are among the most intimate and personal tenderness that can be exchanged. In no other lovemaking, the faces are so close and you can look deep into each other’s eyes. Starting with gentle nibbling over gentle nudges with the tongue to passionate snogging, the repertoire of kisses with tongue is very diverse. Even with an escort lady you can experience French kisses full of sympathy – try it out.

We only work with escort ladies who enjoy what you do. You will quickly notice whether a long French kiss is just a mandatory exercise or is celebrated with passion. The ladies from Prive Escort master the sensual play with the tongue not only with intense tongue kisses with sympathy. Tongue skills are also required for the EL or versatile French, which your chosen one will be happy to present to you. Mutual sympathy is crucial in tongue kissing. Therefore, enjoy the day with your escort lady and take a stroll through the city. Charming and classy, ​​your lady will quickly wrap you around your finger and nothing stands in the way of your first tongue kiss full of sympathy. It is up to you and your lady whether you want to take it easy with the cuddle afterwards or increase the intensity of the dirty talk with an oil massage.

Christin | 29 years
Marie | 21 years
Shirin | 21 years
Sabrina | 19 years
Jessica | 24 years
Lucia | 27 years
Mia | 25 years
Kate | 22 years