Footerotic – the special kind of stimulation

In foot fetish, men and women experience special stimulation. Finally, in the feet many nerves come together, so that they are particularly susceptible to caresses with the tongue or hand. You may also find it stimulating if you are not brought to the summit of pleasure by hand, but with two (or at Bi-games four attractive ladies feet. Your chosen lady will passionately surrender to your passion and take your breath away. Whether or not the lady has undressed at a striptease or just bare her feet, you decide.

Enjoyment with all the senses – foot-eroticism

In the case of foot fetish personal preferences play an important role. Some men like lacquered nails in high heels, others are less concerned with the look than with the special feeling of massaging or oral pampering of the feet. Decide for yourself whether you want to indulge in the foot fetish and crown your evening with a toe job or if you want to make your lady rave with a sensual foot massage. Afterwards, you can integrate other varieties into the evening setting.

During the massage you can gently pamper the whole foot from the toes to the sole to the heel. The advanced then push the passion to the extreme with oral stimulation. Suck on the toes or gently circle them around the tip of the tongue. Your chosen lady will enjoy this special game as much as you. Finally, the feet of your lady walk in your private parts and prove special “pedigree”. How you want to end the evening is your decision.

With sensual details for the grand finale

Your lady booked through Escort Prive will adjust to your needs. How about, for example, with hot high heels and great stockings at the first meeting. Full of anticipation, then go eat. Maybe in an unobserved moment at the table, your lady’s foot will move to your most sensitive places. As soon as the passion overflows, pull back and focus on the feet of your lady.

Many ladies enjoy foot-eroticism as much as you. That’s why you confide in your lady with confidence and passion. Discreet, passionate and with a lot of fun, your escort lady prepares you an evening that you will remember for a long time.

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