callgirl frankfurt
Vaccination status:
german, english, french
chief secretary
Shoe size:
Favorite Food:
Italian kitchen
Favorite drink:
White wine, Martini, Gin Tonic.
Favorite perfume:
Scandal Jean Paul Gaultier
Favorite flower:
As my friends describe me:
passionate, sensitive, communicative, loving, humorous.
Fitness, shoppen.
27 Years
170 cm
60 kg
75 /
/ 36
Hair color
Blonde / long
Eye color
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Sophia – The woman with the French fire

With her hot curves and her fiery French charm, she quickly wraps every man around her finger.

What brings you to the escort service Gina?

It’s the fun of life and enjoying life to the fullest. I love meeting new people and especially spending time with attractive men. To discover something new together, to make the city unsafe and to indulge in the rising desire. The escort service is a great and exciting balance to the often monotonous everyday life in which one moves through life. We get up, go to work or university, meet up with friends, go to bed. And then everything starts all over again. Since I started working as an escort, my life has taken a wonderful and unique path. The excitement before the meetings, the different characters I meet and the unforgettable dates give my life a very special kick that I definitely wouldn’t want to miss anymore. The escort service is the balance I’ve been looking for for a long time and thank God I found it here!

What makes a date with you so special?

With my “fire” I know exactly how to heat up a man. I love to play with my charms and completely upset my date. What could be nicer than being desired by an attractive man? You can also look forward to great conversations with me, God knows I didn’t fall on my head. I’m exactly the right person for a nice dinner when we first get to know each other.

But I also love to go crazy dancing and to make the Frankfurt clubs unsafe together with my companion. When you dance, you can really get close to each other, slowly feel the body of the other person, show each other how much more you can make out of the evening together, while the atmosphere is getting more and more charged and everything around you just seems to stand still . I love it!

And what about your seduction skills?

I am everything my date would like to be. I am the shy girl, the wicked lady from the nightclub or the elegant beauty. I like to slip into different roles if I know it turns on the man I’m hanging out with.

I absolutely love seeing the desire in a man’s eyes. And then I pull out all the stops. It starts with intense stares and light touches as you get closer and closer. I make sure that he can’t let his hands off my body and I’m only too happy to switch to a bit of dirty talk. Everything else will not be revealed up to here. I’ll just say this much: we’re going to have a lot of fun.

My fee

1 hour
350,- €
2 hours
550,- €
3 hours
680,- €
every additional hour
250,- €
every additional 1/2 hour
150,- €
8 hours (overnight) *
1300,- €
12 hours (long night) *
1500,- €
24 hours *
2250,- €

* Listed prices only for direct bookings

Travel costs
+ 30€
Wiesbaden, Mainz, Darmstadt
+ 50€
+ 80€
Gießen, Mannheim, Heidelberg
Payment Methods:
Electronik Cash
American Express

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