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Escortlady Nadine
german, english
Office worker / clerk in retail
Shoe size:
favorite Food:
regional cuisine
Favorite drink:
juices, non-alcoholic cocktails
Favorite perfume:
Dior Poison
Favorite flower:
How my friends describe me:
funny, loving, spontaneous, sensitive
riding, swim, read

Nadine - Escort lady in Frankfurt




170 cm


60 kg


80B / 36

Hair color

darkblond, long

Eye color


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Nadine: Your confident beauty from Frankfurt

Real model measurements, dreamy curves and a smile to melt away: Nadine is a real dream woman. Her open laugh and open-mindedness make it easy to be enchanted by her. It is the highlight at every party and is the center of attention with its elegant style and seductive movements. But in your hotel suite she surrenders to passion and is only there for you.

What is it that fascinates you about escort?

In my opinion, an escort lady should embody pure elegance with her facial expressions, gestures, optics and charisma. I want to be the diamond that shines by your side and reads every wish from your eyes. Standard program? There is not any. Your individual fantasies and ideas are the focus for me.

What gives you the special kick on an escort date?

I notice how certain tension is in the air before every date. This tingle on my skin and the excitement that builds up in me before I enter the hotel lobby – that’s what I love about my sexy part-time job. It is a pure change from everyday life and always something very special. Nothing stands in the way of an exciting evening …

What do you want from your guest?

Like everyone else, I would like to be respected and perceived as an individual. I would be very happy if you would also dress up for me. I love well-groomed men who make women’s hearts beat faster with their open manner. Do you like to put on a subtle, masculine perfume for me? I can’t resist a man who smells good.

My fee

1 hour220,- €
1,5 hours320,- €
2 hours420,- €
3 hours570,- €
every additional hour180,- €
every other 1/2 hour100,- €
8 hours (overnight) *1020,- €
12 hours (long night) *1320,- €
24 hours *1820,- €
Holiday (1 week) *5020,- €
* Quoted prices only for direct bookings

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euro   pfund   us-dollar   Electronik Cash   Maestro   Visa   mastercard   American Express

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