Hailey - Escort model in Frankfurt

Man lives through the passions, through reason he merely exists. – Nicolas Chamfort

Professionelle Bilder
Vaccination status:
German, English
geriatric nurse
Shoe size:
Yes, occasionally
Favorite Food:
Italian kitchen
Favorite drink:
Batida de Coco
Favorite perfume:
mugler alien
Favorite flower:
Roses in all colors :)
As my friends describe me:
honest, loyal, harmonious, sensitive, helpful, loving.
Family, yoga.
22 Years
159 cm
54 kg
75 /
/ 34
Hair color
Eye color

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What sparks a passionate interest in you during a date, Hailey?

The flame of my interest flares up when you show yourself with genuine curiosity and a touching sensitivity. Show me that you celebrate every second with me as if it were a precious secret, and our being together will become a firework of emotions.

In what ways are you exceptional as an escort lady?

My specialty as an escort lies in my ability to create a profound, almost magical connection while maintaining an environment of discretion and professional secret. I am like an undiscovered book with many chapters, ready to be read together with you.

What makes you irresistible?

My irresistible character combines empathy and reverence with a pinch of mysterious charm. In my presence you will feel like you are in a dream where wishes become reality.

What fascinates men about you?

My ability to be a familiar soul one moment and a lady full of mystery and mystery the next fascinates men. My smile, my life-affirming nature and my sincere humor are like an irresistible magic potion.

How do you create unforgettable sensual closeness?

I create an intimate closeness by building an atmosphere of deep trust and devotion. My goal is to wrap ourselves in a cocoon of sensuality, where every touch tells a story and every whisper is a promise.

How do you ignite the hidden desires in a man?

My game of seduction begins with a deep, penetrating look that touches souls. I carefully address hidden desires to create an oasis of trust in which we can both indulge in our most secret fantasies.

What our customers say about Hailey

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My fee

1 hour
250,- €
1.5 hours
350,- €
2 hours
450,- €
3 hours
600,- €
every additional hour
180,- €
every additional 1/2 hour
100,- €
8 hours (overnight) *
1050,- €
12 hours (long night) *
1350,- €
24 hours *
1850,- €
Holiday (1 week) * n *
5050,- €

* Prices quoted are only available for direct bookings!

Travel costs
Frankfurt, Offenbach am Main
+ 30€
Frankfurt, Offenbach am Main
+ 50€
+ 80€
Gießen, Mannheim, Heidelberg
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