The many varieties of anal sex:

You want to give free rein to your imagination and are in the mood for a new, exciting variety? Then experience the many facets of the “Greek variant” in anal sex. With your booked lady about Prive Escort the anal cravings have no limits. Whether discreet with an alcohol or experimenting with dildo games, the common fun is in the foreground. It does not matter if you are already anal sex expert or would like to try something new in experienced hands. Your booked lady will be fully responsive to your wishes and will be happy to direct the evening with a hot striptease on.

Anal satisfaction for all concerned:

Anal sex is a special experience for both partners. Finally, sensitive areas of the body are stimulated, which otherwise remain hidden. Embark on a journey of discovery and prepare your chosen lady an unforgettable ecstasy. Whether you focus on your tongue, your fingers or anal intercourse is up to you. Infected with the passion of your partner, you may have the desire to enjoy anal stimulation yourself? With her favorite lady even hidden longings come true. Try it …

You want to rekindle your passion? Then give yourself completely to the anal practices and let your lady take the lead. Begin carefully with anal finger play. Sufficient lubrication initially facilitates the stimulation of the anus and makes you want more. Once you realize how stimulating the stimulation is, you dare more. Different positions from standing, kneeling down to lying down guarantee no boredom.

Toys for even more fun

Numerous toys for him and her provide even more fun in anal sex. Your preferred lady has your favorite tykes on request. With a plug or an anal chain you can enjoy the special feeling of anal sex. Whether you totally focus on the “Greek variety“ If you want to concentrate or if you want to give yourself an extra kick in “normal” sex, that’s your decision.

Enjoy with anal sex the intense moment with your lady and forget everything else. Hygienic, discreet but full of passion, the lady introduces you to the world of anal cravings or drives your shared passion to a new climax.

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