AGB of Prive Agency

I. General Terms and Conditions of Agency Escort
Diese Seite auf Deutsch escort Prive Agency, where again allowed business services. We have to designate the respective recipient of the service as a customer
This does not allow for fixed provisions.

1. Contract with the intermediary

The intermediary provides an overview of the customers and the services provided as part of an escort service. Further details are given in the general terms and conditions of the respective lady or in each case individual contractual agreements are regulated. The task of the legatee is to fulfill the services desired by the customer.

The concrete service to be provided by the lady is not part of the contract of mediation. The development of sexual and other services is determined by the clientele on their own responsibility.

2. Obligations of the Provider

The offers of the Vermitters are not binding. The broker will look forward to the condition of a contract between the customer and the lady about the desired benefits.

3. Pictorial and concrete representation of the achievements of the ladies by the mediator

These descriptions are in English and English. Of the
Mediator does not assume any general warranty for these details and templates.

4. Payment, power of attorney

No specific fee will be charged to the customer for the placement. The respective services are settled directly between the customer and the lady. The contractor of the contractors of the contract of accommodation, for here for immune power of attorney.

5. Jurisdiction

Court of jurisdiction is, so early, Frankfurt am Main.

II. General Terms and Conditions of the Ladies
1. Art and scope of services of the ladies

The nature and extent of the duties of the lady to the customer are determined on their own responsibility. In general, the terms and conditions.

2. Booking – Conclusion of contract

A contract between the lady and the customer comes off only with the acceptance of the customer’s non-binding booking request by the lady.

3. Fee

The respective remuneration also refers to the time and the company of the ladies and not to anything beyond it. Any travel expenses are emphasized; These are to be paid in advance. For this, the intermediary has money-receiving power. The same is true, so a deposit is required by the lady. Incidentally, the agreed fee of the lady at the beginning of the meeting in an open envelope in cash to hand over. Other payment options are excluded.

4. Jurisdiction

Court of jurisdiction is, so early, Frankfurt am Main.

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